About Us

Who Is Lasalle?


LaSalle is a professional, full-service construction firm focused on delivering quality and performance in the built environment. We provide fresh, unique, and sustainable solutions by listening and responding quickly and appropriately. Regardless of scope or scale, we will work with you to find the best construction solution.

Our three pillars - people, projects, places - define who we are, what we do, and how we work.

Three Pillars

Connected + Cared For

Our business begins with building relationships and serving those who entrust us with their vision. LaSalle achieves this with a commitment to hiring and retaining the best talent in our industry, providing unmatched customer care, and delivering safe, impactful projects in our community.

The human connection to our clients is an irreplaceable and timeless asset. While our hands-on approach is supported by the cutting-edge technology we employ, it is our people who deliver the greatest value and impact.

We dedicate a single point of contact for every project, guaranteeing you have an empowered representative serving your needs at every stage. If you have an issue, we will be there to remediate it, regardless of scope or scale. Our personal relationship and tailored connection with you will outlive the completed project and the biggest reward for a job well-done is retaining you as a client.

Impossible Timelines Made Possible

From the moment your concept transforms from opportunity to project, our team is developing timelines, schedules and programs to ensure its success. Whether it’s an aggressive schedule or a cumbersome technical aspect, our team is attracted to and excels at “swiss watch” projects that are complex and involved. Our portfolio and capabilities are as diverse as the clients we serve.

We, at LaSalle, are deliberate in our approach to smart construction. With our experienced estimators, detailed project managers, and dedicated self-perform trades, we take great pride in delivering on our promises and exceeding project expectations.

We Build Where You Work, Live, Create, Heal, and Discover

The best way to ensure a strong and prosperous future for generations to come is to build the framework and facilities that will serve them wherever they work, live, create, heal, and discover.

We integrate our experienced team with cutting-edge construction technologies to ensure that LaSalle continues to be an industry leader in all construction-connected environments.

Financial Stability

Bonding Capacity in excess of $150 Million